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Hello again fellow hair braiding gals!
Today we will learn how to do the Crown Braid. This is a beautiful and elegant braid. Good for the fine nights out, in a long dark dress.
Things you will need.
1. Fine tooth comb
2. Small non-rubber hair elastic
3. Small hand held mirror.

Alright, now that we have the things that we need, lets get started.
1.Part your hair on the side opposite of where you want your braid. A few inches to the left or right of your center scalp works best. If you’re right handed, braid on the right side of your scalp. Braiding your side crown braid on your dominant side is easier to execute.
2. Draw a second vertical part with your comb approximately 2 inches deep from your hairline beginning at your first side part and ending near the nape of your neck. The deeper the part, the thicker the braid.
3. Pull the remainder of your hair not included in this front section of hair into a secure ponytail so it doesn’t interfere with your braiding. Use your table mirror and examine the back of your head. Your hair for the side crown braid must be neatly parted and easily definable.
4. Divide your hair into three separate parts A, B and C beginning at the side part near your forehead. Overlap A with B, and B with C.
5. Pull the pleats snug and draw a small strand of hair from the side closest to your ponytail using the pointer finger and thumb of your dominant hand. Include this strand into part A and overlap it with part C. Bring an equal size strand from the side closest to your forehead using your non-dominant pointer finger and thumb and include it with strand C. Overlap this entire new section with strand B.
6. Continue this process down and around your head including strands of the same size to ensure uniform pleats and an even braid. Stop drawing hair from the side and begin braiding down and away from your head when you reach the nape of your neck. Tie a non-elastic hair band around your side braid when only three or four inches of hair remains unbraided.
7. Take down your ponytail. Next to the beginning of your braid, brush a 2-inch deep section of hair.
8. Hold the brushed hair firmly in your non-dominant hand and flip your head upside down so you have clear access to the nape of your neck.
9. Pull this last brushed section to the nape of your neck and combine it with your side crown braid in your non-dominant hand. Keep your head flipped upside down and tie a non-rubber hair elastic around the braid and brushed section. Flip your head right-side up and enjoy your new look.

Here is what it should look like:


And tada! Your done. Now just hairspray it so is don’t get fuzzy. Now enjoy your hair do!